Reasons to stay alive, one


I’ve been in a pretty bad place mentally and emotionally for some reason. This second half of this year especially has hit me badly. Whine whine whine etc.


But there are reasons not to pull the trigger. Most of them are musical, because let’s face it, I never wanted to be a writer, I wanted to be a muso. As things stand, let’s just say I’m way better at the thing that was never my goal. I can kindly say only that I am pretty damn talentless when it comes to music. But that doesn’t stop me from listening. And that’s good enough.


So here’s one. Only the Manics could sing about cynical commercial despair and make it sound so goddamn uplifting and right. So fucking joyous.


All we make is entertainment
It’s so damn easy, and inescapable
“We’re so post-modern, We’re so post-everything”

All we make is entertainment
An end to hope and civilisation
A simple way to seek perfection

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