Reading Fever


Wooh so I’ve been somewhat absent from the internet world of late….

I blame the books.

First off, I’ve just finished reading Lisa Mantchev’s delightful Eyes Like Stars – a coherent review to follow once I’ve let the story percolate in my brain a little. What I can say is that I adore the absolute whimsy of the world she’s created with her Theatre Illuminata.

Also recently arrived in the post – Cindy Pon’s Silver Phoenix. It looks so beautiful. Yummy!¬† And Edith Hamilton’s Mythology, on the recommendation of someone¬† (er, I forget who…) at The Enchanted Inkpot.

After a rather rocky start to this year’s homeschooling program, Elder Sprog seems to have settled into a good routine with me, and the reading is (FINALLY!) slowly starting to come along. It was very frustrating for me as someone who could read by the time I was four, to deal with a child that just didn’t seem interested in reading. Being read to – no problem; reading the book yourself – hell no! So yeah, super-frustrating.

But with perseverence, we are getting there, and I can see her becoming more confident in her abilities, which is wonderful. I’m extremely proud of how hard she’s trying.

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