Reading and writtering


Went to the library and got out some fat fantasy books (Robin Hobb), fat…historicals (Patrick O’Brian), some sf I’ve been meaning to read for a while (Liz Williams) and some SA fic (Kgebetli Moele).

Reading can make me feel guilty sometimes. I love reading, I would much rather spend the day reading than a)writing, b)exercising c)cleaning house (ahahaha) or any thing really. So it makes me feel guilty when I do it. (“But your house is filthy, you’re fat and disgusting, you’re lazy and pathetic,” my inner voice cries, on a loop.)

So sometimes I have to explain to the Inner Voice that reading is part of my job (Nice, eh? :D). Reading more can only make me a better writer, can only expand my knowledge, my skills, my love of story.

Cat, it’s okay to read. No one cares about your stupid house being clean except you.

Okay on to writing. Working hard on my Giftling Novel. It’s a very old novel from back when I was trying to write urban fantasy. Which is, yeah, not really where I see myself going these days. But I still love the story and it’s fascinating (to me, I doubt to anyone else) to see the bones of my interests laid out. This was back in the day where I was convinced that Neil Gaiman and I were destined to be besties because his agent repped the book. (Alas, it didn’t sell and we parted ways; there went my BFF shot with Neily Baby *sadface* Then he stole my secret girlfriend so like, we must be mortal enemies or something now, I dunno….).

ANYWAY, this is not a throw-away novel, it’s more a piece of the past that can never shift up to join the future. It’s YA, it’s set in suburban Joburg (oh…there’s nothing cool about suburban Joburg, so, yeah, but hey, it’s where I grew up.), and there’s magic. Well, and rats. And stuff. There was a lot more heroin in the original book but editors kept thinking I was trying to write an issue novel whereas I was like, no some people just happen to do drugs and it’s not an issue.

So all the drugs are gone (*sadface* That’s frankly the only part of the book I regret losing).

But hey, it’s been pretty fun revisiting this place, remembering part of my headspace when I was writing.

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