Random post with added chow


Black pepper Danish feta, black mission olives, spaghetti, swiss chard….mmmm I have the makings of a yummy supper.

Not much writing done today. Instead I took the sprogs out for milkshake and chips, and bought them new shoes. *is now bankrupt*

Bee came around last night and dropped off some more Scrubs for us. Yay, I have stuff to watch tonight. 😀

Unisa is pissing me off because their site is made of fail and nothing ever loads. I want to study further (yeah, I know I say this every year and then never have the money for it, but I am planning this one in advance – good idea, right?) and I’m kinda stumped as to what direction to take. Since I’m not studying for a career, but purely for my own pleasure I have way more options open to me, and yeah, I’m kinda spoiled for choice. I need to focus a bit. Of course it would SO help if I could actually find the Unisa Calender pdf on their site.

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