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Synopses are the devil.

I hate hate hate them. Possibly even more than I hate queries.

But, it needs to be done. So here’s my attempt at getting this one straight. I am going to read a chapter a day, and do a short summary – little more than a paragraph. In a month I should have a very rough chapter by chapter break down of hob an lam.

This gives me a good idea of where all the holes are, and the start to a trimmed-down synopsis. Plus while I’m reading I’m going to be keeping an eye on sentence length and structure so that I won’t have quite so much work to do with later revisions.

Heh. I can tell when I’ve just finished writing from Jek’s POV, because anything else I write I have to go and change all the ‘an’s to ‘and’s

progress-o-metre: 1/24? chapters down.

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