Quick! Someone catch that plot bunny before it escapes!


So I was playing around with the new and improved FreeMind and a Very Cool Giraffe explained things like hyperlinks and all the cool plot thread shit I could do with it and so I basically e-gasmed all over my computer. I’m a sucker for gadgetry and stuff.

Anyway, while messing about with my map for Firedancer, I suddenly had a bunch of brain things (thoughts?) and my plot veered off from where I figured it was going, took in some side trips for the sight-seeing and the lulz. And um, I changed my book. A lot.

But I’m happy, because I hadn’t actually written all that stuff yet, it was just boiling in the brain-pan, so it’s all good. And I am excited about Firedancer again. 😀

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One Reply to “Quick! Someone catch that plot bunny before it escapes!”

  1. Sounds like you had a brainstorm! Woohoo! Watch out they get addictive.

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