One quick note before I get into the next app: We have now upgraded to Ubuntu 8.04 – Hardy Heron, and both sonar and ywriter gave no issues (unlike Gimp…grrr).

Today’s focus shifts to Helpful Tools on the list, and gives us Prompts.  Basically, it’s an on-line random prompt generator.

Exciting stuff. As far as my writing goes it’s not exactly helpful, although I can see it being something you might use if you felt the urge to blog and had nothing to say.

Oh my god, wait. I think I need to do just that. Never again will you be forced to scroll past wangsty posts of doom, when instead I could be writing about this:

I’m not giving this a rating of recommended/not recommended because although it’s not a serious tool it could be fun to use on those fallow blogging days. There do seem to be some other cool little things on the site aimed at teachers, so it might be worthwhile going and giving the place a squizz to see if any of the other widgets interest you.

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