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No Tuesday teaser yesterday because we were on holiday, celebrating Freedom Day, when all the people in our country got to vote for the first time. (Uh not for the first time yesterday, that would be weird)

And I did no writing-work, but I did lots of thinky-work, which is just as important. Thanks to that I’m being craaaaaazy-industrious today, and I’ve already added a new scene, and killed several old characters who I decided didn’t deserve to live through this draft. sorry, if I couldn’t justify your existence, little character, you just got axed. Wheee!

It looks like I might be going to my first ever real-life writing group on Saturday. That could be weird. I’m terrible with people-stuff. Okay, all I gotta do is sit back, shut up, and concrit. I could probably do that…

Also, it’s an excuse to take my kids to town and show them the Company Gardens, let them feed squirrels, and take them to the Natural History Museum. That’s assuming The Slave is up to babysitting them for 2 1/2 hours.


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  2. If The Slave is up for the babysitting gig Richard and I could meet up with him (any excuse to visit the squirrels!)

    1. woops i didn’t see this comment!

      We’re going to be doing it once a month, so let’s organise for next time yeah?

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