Finally cracked 80k on hob an lam.

Part 1 is at 43 000 words

Part 2 – 19 000

Part 3 – 18 250

Interesting. (To me and me alone.)

Not quite sure how much I wrote today because it’s scattered all over the place, but it was over a thousand, and that’s good by me.

I’ve had some awesome agentish feedback on Black Wings. A rilly kewl agent (who declined to rep me, but said nice things) gave me fabbo feedback. He also pointed out something that I know he’s 100% right about – the magic starts too late. Anyway, I’ll be working on his suggestions, and incorporating the ideas he gave me into the poor old book, but I want to get draft one of hob an lam finished before I start mucking about with other projects.

Hopefully, that means I’ll be working on BW by March.

Also, a package awaits me at the office of post. Amazing.

And I have the tickets for Henry Rollins in my sweaty grip, and the Bee will be going with me. This is tres cool, yes.

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