Playing Catch Up


I’ve noticed a few writers talking about how their agents are being pretty quiet over the December period, thanks to the current events in the publishing world (the lay-offs, etc). Now, before I read this, I just assumed Dec was going to be quiet anyway, what with all the religious and social holidays. Obviously I know nuttin’ about publishing so I never really assumed much work was going to get done now anyway. How wrong am I?

In other exciting *ahem* news. I have done no writing for weeks. Weeks, I tell ya. Hob and Tiny Violins are languishing. Hob still has a good third waiting on revisions. *Cat wails and hides her head* and TV needs a complete overhaul.

Other things are looking up though. I don’t want to talk about them for fear of jinxing stuff before anything has even begun but good thoughts on my future career would still be cool.

Hmm, also, I owe a beta.

Goals for today:

Revise at least two more chapters of hob.

Start beta-reading for Inkspill.

Hang up laundry  (my life! So full of glamour!)

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