Pimping Books


After a discussion about editing with a bunch of other writers, I felt inspired to go hunt down my copy of Writing The Breakout Novel Workbook. Unfortunately because all my stuff is still in boxes, I couldn’t find it. I did manage to dig up Writing The Breakout Novel, and I decided to reread it anyway.

It was the best thing I could do, since I’m currently half-way through yet another revision of hob, and was feeling pretty despondent (I’m still blaming Clive Barker, so there) and reading it just made me feel all excited about how much potential there is to make Hob something more.

From the introduction comes this, something I should probably pin to my office wall. (when I,  yanno, have an office)

To write a breakout novel is to run free of the pack. It is to delve deeper, think harder, revise more, and commit to creating characters and plot that surpasses one’s previous accomplishments. It is to say ‘no” to being merely good enough to be published.

It is a commitment to quality.

I think that’s pretty awesome.

So when I am done with the current set of revisions, and I can find my workbook, I am going to revise that sucker AGAIN. 😀



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  1. Of course I fear you… good writer or not… you are one to be feared 😉

  2. working on clicking my red heels together to see if they get me to slaapstad

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