pillow people, or dreaming things that shouldn’t be.


There’s this anime that I absolutely adore – Mushishi – and in the fourth episode, The Pillow Pathway, Ginko meets this guy whose dreams are prophetic (or come true, and there is a distinct difference between the two thoughts, as you will see if you ever watch the show. (Watch the show, it’s amazing.))

In one scene the guy destroys his pillow because it’s the repository of his soul (and dreams). The concept, very loosely, is that you spend half your life on your pillow, dreaming, and so it holds your soul, kinda. I love this. It is one day going to work its way into a story that is ready for it.

So yeah, with that little story in mind, I present to you the sight that greeted me when i went to go tuck the Younger Spawn into bed.

Ignoring the fact that she is moving on artistically from paper to cloth, that is one disturbing pillow demon thing. I…do not want to know what goes on inside her head. Interestingly, she claims not to have done it, that it was done by Mr Nobody. (*shakes fist* Damn you, school curriculum, for doing that poem).

And it’s things like this that give me ideas for new stories. I mean, how can I look at that, and know the little folklorish bit of soul/dream/pillow stuff, and NOT want to write something?

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  1. If there was no Mr Nobody, there would be somebody else. 🙂 That’s one of the neat things about writing; literally anything can make an idea leap.

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