I know, I’ve been all quiet and stuff.

I’m actually knuckling down to editing Hob an Lam, having finally gotten over my nervous breakdown that usually accompanies revisions notes.

Basically, I’ve been de-fucking my manuscript, making it more palatable for the wee ones.  Can’t totally do it because I draw the line at arse-raping the story, but I’m making a fair few changes.

Also adding scenes and cutting scenes and all that sort of thing. Making Sel’s POVs understandable.

Anyway, I am alive. So don’t worry yet.

ETA:  Okay so for a while I debated deleting this because apparently it makes me sound like a diva who refuses to make editorial changes.  Then I realised that, no really, this is just me, my sense of humour and the way I deal with things.

People who care to read my other posts will know that I do actually work with suggestions, I just tend to have a nervous breakdown at the same time. 😀

It’s all good, ’cause I mean, I am still totally alive despite making the edits, and sometimes I just wonder if maybe podcasts wouldn’t be better so you could hear my tongue drilling a hole in my cheek.

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