Ow my knee and other sad stories


So on Sunday when we went in to skate, the car died (luckily very close to Murrayfield, so we just managed to limp into the car park). We figured, on the plus side, we’d at least get to skate.

Lol nope. We attempted dance class (in which coach Robert was like LOL WTF WHY ARE YOU SO AWFUL TODAY. I love him as a coach, he pulls no punches. He basically said, i’m going to pick on you today, and I said “because I’m shite?” and he said yes), then did some Exhibition practice, then had to go home because Younger Spawn was sick.

Anyway, we also had to abandon our car in Edinburgh and get a train home. So yeah.

Anyway, ffwd to Tuesday, and we go in (hoping the car is still there), to get it towed to a mechanic. Yay! Car is still there! Ya! Mechanic fetches it! Yay! We are at Murrayfield so might as well skate, yes? 😀 YES.

It was lovely and quiet so B and I decided to practice some of our dances, and try get this goddamn awful crossroll to three turn on the waltz right. Everything is going swimmingly, until I catch my toepick (on prelim foxtrot of all things) and go down hard (on my bad knee. OF COURSE.) I think my resounding “fuuuuuuuuuuuck!” was heard throughout the rink. 😛

So I hop off the ice for a bit, then carry on skating so it doesn’t stiffen up. All is okay. An hour later I walk up to bus stop. Things are ow, especially the stairs, but bearable. Bus is fine, until we are caught in accident traffic and my knee starts to stiffen up and hurt like cray. Finally we get home, by which time I am limping, and laughing from the pain.

Cue tramadol and Battlestar Galactica and hot water bottle.

Today my knee has full range of motion, so I’m not worried, but gah. I hate hurting myself.

Also, I woke up to find Ursula K. le Guin has passed, and along with Tanith Lee, she was one of my major writing heroes. i dunno why, I just assumed she would live forever.

So. That was crap.

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