Out of the labyrinth for a Black Tuesday Post

Today South Africans are protesting against a the move to pass a secrecy bill that will stick us back in Apartheid-era thou-shall-not-think-nor-question.


Our foremost political cartoonist Zapiro sums it up best with this impressive bit of elequence:


While some people sneer at the method – South Africans are wearing black in protest – I want to know what move we are supposed to make first? Would they prefer tear gas and bombings?


Perhaps the time will come for full-on violent revolution (I certainly hope not, I feel that needs to be last resort) but let us start with a visual peaceful protest first. There is no point fighting a secrecy bill with secrecy.


And now for your musical interlude.



Hold your fire and listen mister
Don’t cause no trouble for my brother and sister

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