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When the Sea is Rising Red is coming out in something crazy like 30 weeks. (You’d be surprised at how quickly thirty weeks passes)

I’m going to steal a very cool idea from the incredible Hannah Moskowitz, who did an ARC tour with a difference. It turned the book into an idea, into a moment of sharing, and dear god I love shit like that SO DAMN HARD.

What’s going to happen is I’m going to read through my ARC and mark up stuff like inspirations and cool things that relate to the book.

And then I’m going to post it on to the next person, and they can do their bit of communal defacing (and reviewing. Sorry, gotta ask that if you participate you also review. See, I am being all business-minded now (ew, it’ll stop soon, I promise)). You can put in stickers, underline bits you like, smiley faces, OH NOES, I don’t mind (as long as the next person can still read it, heh).

And then the poor thing will eventually limp back to me, tattered and weary and travel-stained, but with so many stories to tell.

So here’s the deal.

1) If you have a review blog/goodreads and are willing to read in a fairly timely fashion (like, a week, kids), write a review, and send the book winging its way on to the next person in the chain. (The last person in the US chain who has to post pack to South Africa – I will find a way to reimburse you, or make some kind of plan, don’t worry)

2) Like secondary-world Young Adult fantasy with a darkish tone and a romantic bent (seriously, if you don’t, you will not enjoy this book, so yeah, fair dues)

3) Like sparkly pens and highlighters, and/or commenting in books

4) If you are in South Africa or the USA. (I would like to do this EVERYWHERE but reality is, I can only cover so much postage overseas)

and 5) If you comment here and tell me you’d like to get involved. (and leave me some kind of contact email)

Then we shall get this baby arc tour off the ground.

When we’ve got a bunch of people on board, I will work out logistics.

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23 Replies to “Open bracket arc tour close bracket”

    1. Cool, please could you email me your postal address at cat at cathellisen dot com.


  1. I will participate, but I am not entirely certain that I followed what to do– read the copy and highlight stuff, give comments, and then post a review on my blog and say w/ librarything?

    1. Pretty much. I mean, I’m not looking for “hey you should have done this” kinda comments, more – hey this reminds me of this place – and paste in a pic (flapped. obviously. lol) or a line of a poem, or yanno, anything. If you can’t find anything to say, then don’t worry. 😀

    2. If you still feel like participating, can you email me your postal addy at cat at cathellisen dot com. 🙂

  2. Oooooooooooo………….!!!!!!! pretty please may I join in on this???

  3. What a beautiful idea! Not sure I’m in your target audience, but I hope the ARC tour is everything you could wish. 🙂

  4. I’m in!

    and I’m willing to be the last US stop, if that makes it easier as far as reimbursing/whatever.

    1. That would be pretty much the definition of awesome. You rock.

      I will give you stuff as soon as I think of something perfect. 😀

    2. And woops, forgot to add please could you email me your postal address at cat at cathellisen dot com.

  5. That sounds like a blast. I would totally be willing to do a Goodreads/Amazon review to participate.

    1. Cool, please could you email me your postal address at cat at cathellisen dot com.


  6. This is the coolest idea on the face of the planet!!! I’m totally in! I can review on my blog, if that enough although I’d review it anywhere you want in order to participate! *plots evilly to do something similar if (when) she ever gets published*

  7. Oh my god, this is SUCH an awesome idea and I’m only seeing this post now 🙁

    1. If I get the arc back in more or less one piece at the end of this round, and you’d still like to get involved, just let me know. 😀

  8. Thanks, that’d be awesome Cat! Might depend on where I am though. Mail to Addis Ababa has not been reliable, especially with books, but I’m going to do a few tests.

  9. Hi,
    is this offer still open? I would love to read the book and post a review.
    Unfortunately I’m living in the UK. I would cover the postage. It’s actually not that bad ~ £4.
    Please let me know if I could take part in this tour 🙂

    1. sorry it has already gone out, I’m waiting for it to reach the third person on the list. 🙁

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