Ooh a reading list!


The book ferret linked to this book club women in science fiction thing so I’m all OH SHINY.

Slightly bummed to only find out now, because yeah, February and all that. But still.

Sadly, I have only read 2 books on the SF list (China Mountain Zhang and The Handmaid’s Tale) although I keep *starting* Doomsday and Farthing….

Oddly, on the fantasy list, I have read None Of The Above. Weird.



So, for feb, I’ll need to get hold of


*runs off*

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8 Replies to “Ooh a reading list!”

  1. Cool, glad you’re joining in! I’m hoping to have time for the fantasy one, especially since I haven’t read any of those either. I’ve read about a quarter of The Dispossessed, but otherwise only read The Handmaid’s Tale on the sci fi list.

    Discussions only start on the last day of the month, so you can still do the January read if you have the time.

  2. Oh,yeah, forgot about that… Ah well, missing one month isn’t so bad.

  3. Interesting lists! I have read half of Cordelia’s Honor, and War for the Oaks is on my Top Ten of All Time list. Haven’t read any of the others, sadly.

    I can’t help but notice that not a single one has a brooding character in a cloak holding a sword on the cover. 🙂

      1. Oh, very much so. I am particularly covetous of Ms Bear’s covers. Going to the bookstore at lunch today, so I shall have to see what’s there.

  4. Wow. Cool. I am going to post links to both the fantasy and women in science fiction book clubs on my blog. Already signed up. I have read a few from each list but not the whole and some of the books are books that I have been reading to read for a while.

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