Only time will tell if you can break the spell


So, restarted the new book because I tried to write it in third, and realised it wanted to be first (again, ah well, at least this time it’s past tense for a change).

progress: 3/24? – hob

840/90 000 – DiS

Bit what I liked: Maria – little Mary Blunt, who changed her name, who gave herself a lingering aah like a sigh of passion fulfilled – turned and walked out the door.

I think I should start posting the boring stats stuff as private posts, if I’m going to be doing them often/daily.

I’m digging through all my old abandoned novels and this is what I find. Since I began writing about four years ago, I have accumulated the following novels, or almost-complete novels.

Shattered Tower – Dreadful, but I still have a soft spot for it.
Bitter Sea – Worse than Shattered tower, if you can believe it.
March – Marginally better, unfortunately, relies heavily on the mythos of Shattered Tower. So there, my obligatory fantasy trilogy out of the way. That’s pretty damn cool.

Crown Of Fallen Leaves – I still like this book, even if no-one else does.
Dream And Bone – Ditto, but I can see how it would benefit from an extensive rewrite.
Pax – One day, one millennium, I will finish the first draft
Black Wings – Where I moved up a notch in my writing.
hob an lam – eh. I’m still too close to this to be dispassionate
Dreaming In Silver – All of four pages down, literary wankery, which is my personal joy.

And not counting aborted starts to novels, then we’re looking at around 611 640 words since I began. I haven’t quite cracked that million word limit where you’re supposed to magically stop writing crap, but I’m nearing it.

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