om nom nom?


In a not really a resolution resolution, i decided last night that I am going to try one new meal a week.

And yes, not all are going to be vegetarian, sadly, but I’ll live.

So this week’s recipe is going to be trotters and beans.

Also, the meals have to be pretty cheap to make as we are not exactly living the hight life. 😀

mmm this also looks good –

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2 Replies to “om nom nom?”

  1. Hi Cat!

    I like to do this game with the community farm box that I get that has local fresh produce that is in season. I google the ingredients and the word recipe or alternately I go to one of the online recipe sites and I put in the ingredients and see what recipes pop up. Then I try the recipe. I stay in season, on the inexpensive side of things, and vegetarian.

    I am also a big fan of my slow cooker and like to put a variety of stuff into the cooker and let it cook all day.

    Lately I have been making lots of root vegetable and bean stews and miso soups with dried wakame, tofu, and vegetables.

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