Oh my.



We have a draft two, and a whole new ending for hob an lam.

I wanted to end it in fire, the way it started, but ultimately, something else kept cropping up, and in a way it fit in far better with the theme of the book. What’s that you say? Er, well…sometimes when I read through my stuff, I notice things that someone (my subconscious?) has been throwing in there. Since people seem to think stuff like that is important, I just let it carry on and hope that it doesn’t tread all over my story.

Also, it is now 4 pm, and I haven’t once looked at the house to clean it. I’m slightly scared to turn around from my computer now.

So how much new wordage actually came out of today’s effort? Looks like around 4522. A lot of that was pulling scenes that sucked, and adding some bridging stuff. Oh and the ultimate New Super Ending Of Doom!

Which by the way, goes like this:

“It’s just a fucking bird,” says Sel.


and which will only make any sense if you’ve read the previous 100 000 words.

Music news: My love for Send Away The Tigers just keeps growing. I wonder if it infected the almost-happy tone of the end of hob. And my god, did I just say that about a Manic’s album? Never thought I’d see that day.

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