Officially Official: Scotland, Prepare Yourself

It’s my husband’s birthday today (happy borning day, spousal unit!), and yesterday the universe gave him probably the best gift ever. It sure beat my hairbrush (what? he has lots of hair, he needs a detangling brush…).

The upshot of Awesome Present is we now know where we’re moving to. Some of you know we’ve been planning to emigrate, and now it’s official. In 2 weeks, The Boy will be in Dunfermline, Scotland, and before the end of this year, we will be joining him.

I am so excited about this new adventure, even if I’m freaking out a little about the cost, and leaving friends and family, and starting from scratch in a new country at age 39… Ha! But, I think it will be awesome, and I cannot wait to see my new home. 😀


Once we’re there this may become something of an immigrant’s blog as I track my experiences, so, fair warning.

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