Offers are like otters with longer fur.


Are you a newish writer of speculative fiction (either YA or adult) who wants a second (or third or fourth) set of eyes to look over your work? Do you have the first three chapters or fifty pages (whichever is shorter) and a synopsis ready to go?

Leave your name and a one line hook in the comments,  and I’ll choose someone at random with my magic random chooser (a cat thrown at the keyboard) at the end of the week (Friday, to those people who work on weekends and think they count).


And, go!




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4 Replies to “Offers are like otters with longer fur.”

  1. Kelly-Jade Stock. “We are all the sum of out triumphs and tragedies, shadows of our former selves.”

  2. Cameron Johnston – “Cut yourself shaving?” she said, eyeing my ragged scars. “What with? A bear?”

  3. In a city where magic is a natural disaster, Jess risks tearing her world apart to save her best friend from what she wants the most.

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