obligatory yearly roundup


It’s getting near enough to the end of the year for me to look back and examine whatever progress I might have made. This normally makes me feel better, because mostly I think of myself as being super lazy.


Starting small and working my way up.


Short Stories:

Jack of Spades, Reversed (sold to Something Wicked)

The Goat Girl (unfinished)

Mother, Crone, Maiden (finished, sitting somewhere)


Novel Starts:


(I do this a lot – start things and then go AH SO BORING I CAN’T EVEN)


Legerdemain – I lost this in a comp crash, so *shrug*

Blackjack and Dandelion – eh.

Ghost Song – also eh.

New Hob Book – just begun, let’s see how things go.


Novels completed at least first draft:

Nulled & Void – I still love this book, but no idea what I’m doing with it, so…

Muse; A Love Song for After the World Has Ended – possibly my favourite book I’ve written since Hob an Lam (therefore guaranteed to never sell, *sigh*)

The Melancholy Raven – a hobverse book about Felicita, currently composting.



Hmm, guess that’s not too bad. I should practice writing shorts more.

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  1. Sounds like a productive year to me. That’s way more than some of us wrote. 🙂

  2. That’s a pretty impressive list and amounts to a great deal of writing. You have good titles too.

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