Not Your Nano day 9 – Stationery Moves Forward


So many writers I know, even those permanently glued to their laptops, have A Thing for stationery. It’s addictive, especially when it comes to the stuff that lies outside first drafting: note-taking, idea-jotting, dreamstorming, revising with colour pens (obviously; colour pens are like little bright slices of awesome). I don’t know why it is, but sometimes when I’m stuck, getting away from the pc and taking glitter pens and a notebook and sitting in the sunshine frees up my thinking. It lets my mind travel a different path to the one dictated by a blinking cursor.


Don’t be afraid to break patterns, to try something else and see if it works. The rule is only to keep what helps you and discard what doesn’t.


I’m stuck on a short story at the moment, and doodling around with the images that kept logjamming my brain led me to a conclusion – the story is about communication. It is about tongues. Oh, so obvious, Cat. *sigh* This was a little mind-mapping free doodle, but you can sketch characters, jot down descriptions of passers-by, scenery, little snatches of half-remembered dream images. Whatever sparks in your mind and wants to be recorded for later.




Get a cheap little note book and a collection of pens and shove them in your bag. Next time you’re stuck in a waiting room, or on a slow train, or in a boring person’s house, see what your imagination comes up with.


And now, I need to go write 100 words about tongues.

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