Not Your Nano day 6 & 7 – Stars


Sorry about yesterday, we’re currently experiencing loadshedding in South Africa, so I had no access to my website until today.

Did you get your 100 words?

I  did, barely. I was so not in the mood to write, having had a sparkling wine breakfast in Kirstenbosch gardens, followed by a cidery farewell on Llandudno beach. I knew it would suck f I didn’t get my words down, (oh hai thar public failure) so I forced myself to work on just 1 scene, and managed to scrape out 174 words. So I got to give myself a star.

Yep, I totally reward myself with stars. A friend of mine has gold and silver star stickers for various goals, and sticks them on her calendar. I’m cheap, so I have a markerpen-month on my cupboard. (as you can see, I haven’t written yet today, nor have I been doing great at not spending :P)


I can’t explain why being able to reward myself with that star feels good, but it does. Do you have some kind of reward/notation system in place? How does it work for you?

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2 Replies to “Not Your Nano day 6 & 7 – Stars”

  1. This isn’t for the same kind of writing, but with my reviews I limit myself to having no more than three pending reviews at a time. My reward for writing a review is being able to start reading a new book.

    I also have a bunch of lists for review books (a tbr list on the wall, entries in a book journal, the list on NetGalley) and being able to cross a book off the list using pens and highlighters feels really good 🙂

    1. “My reward for writing a review is being able to start reading a new book.”

      Hee. I love how our reward systems would be some people’s idea of punishments.

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