Not Your Nano day 5 – Be Kind


Day 5, and a little confession.

Yesterday was hard for me. Today is probably going to be hard too. These are the times when I feel like I’m kidding myself by even pretending I can write. It’s easy for me to slump into a puddle of slimy self-loathing sprinkled with the dog urine of despair.

I refuse. I will force out my 100 words, and they can be crap as crap can be and it doesn’t matter because a) Square Brackets of Absolution, and b) Everything Can Be Fixed in Revisions.

This is a pretty good idea too. Sometimes, we just *can’t* word, for whatever reason. Sickness, life going crazy, depression taking over. If that happens, beating yourself up isn’t going to help, but a bit of kindness might. Maybe, on those days, you should go watch a really good movie or read that book that’s sitting on your bedside table. Or go out with friends/loved ones, or have a hot bath with candles and oils. Whatever is your way of spoiling yourself. Because if you saw someone beating a mule for not being able to work, you’d call the SPCA or, I dunno, attack the person yourself. But when you beat yourself up for not being able to do stuff, that’s somehow normal and okay?

How did we get to that point?

Be kind to yourself, and get up again tomorrow and trot over your jump pole.

For those who are just jumping in now – you can work on whatever you want – a new project, a half project, a million projects, revisions etc. All we want from you is 100 words, bad or good.

100 words.



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