Not Your Nano day 18 – Worldbuilding


Today’s post is short. I’ve written a fair bit about worldbuilding (how I do it, anyway) in the past and I think there are loads of brilliant writers who talk about their hows and whys far more eloquently than I do.

If you have a favourite author whose worldbuilding you love, I pretty much guarantee someone has asked them about it, and they’ve either written posts or answered interview questions. Everyone approaches worldbuilding differently – some focus on things I feel are inconsequential, and I focus on other stuff that those writers think are stupid and pointless. *shrug* Your world, you know what detail your story needs.

My only suggestion is when keeping massive files on worldbuilding notes (especially across a series or multiple series) is to find a solution to keeping all your notes cross-referenced and linked. I use Zim Wiki, because I like the hyperlinked wikipedia style entries, but that’s my personal taste.

If you have some suggestions for fellow writers, lets hear them.

(and hey, 100 words. Don’t forget to do them.)

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