Not Your Nano day 15 – HALFWAY!


We’re half way (more or less) through the month of taking it slow. How are your tomatoes doing? Are you still adding words to your outline, or your story, or revision (whatever it is you’re working on)? 100 words may not seem like a lot, but they’re 100 more than you had yesterday, and 100 more than the day before.

Keep adding line by line, and your novel will grow. And for many novels there comes a point of mass growth, where (and if you grow plants, you may have noticed this), the seedling seems to creep along forever at the same size, and then whoooosh it grows inches overnight. Books can be like that too, where it seems no matter how much you write you’re still only 1/4 of the way through, and then, in a sudden rush, you’re hurtling to the end.

You don’t reach that final rush if you stop writing though.

And now, because of yesterday’s mountain adventure, I need to catch up on my 100 words twice over. Skipping a day is not the end of the world, but stopping because of that skipped day is often the end of a story. Unwatered, neglected, that seedling withers up. (You can sometimes revive them, but it takes some careful care, so why stop the momentum if you don’t have to?)

See you at the end of 100 words.

And then everyone gets tea and cake for half-time.






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