Not Your Nano day 14 – wrong turns and dead ends


Well, if you’ve been thinking, that Cat, she’s so lazy, almost 4 pm and she still hasn’t posted, you’d be mostly right.

I did not have the energy or the brain for a post today. See, this morning I left my house bright and early with The Boy, The Spawn, and the Hounds. We were meant to do a quick trip up the one peak, then head down for ice cream cones on the way home. So, part one happened, after which The Boy said, “I brought torches so we can look at the caves.”

We were still fairly unwinded (if wind-tousled) and the morning was young.



anyway, we got home six hours later, I still had to go do some grocery shopping, came back, and kinda passed out.

If you’re wondering what this has to do with writing…well, it’s right there, if you’re like me and don’t outline, and only go off with a rough map in hand. Sometimes…you get side-tracked. Sometimes you take wrong turns, and the story goes happily galloping off on pathways that you”l have to back track to get your novel on the right route again. That’s not the end of the world, though it sure bloody feels like it when you find yourself cutting huge swathes of text and weeping bitterly into your salt-flavoured coffee.

So why do it- well, sometimes you come back to your story with new ideas that you’d never have thought of if you didn’t take those paths, meet characters who will come in handy later, learn new and surprising things about your world that will inform your story in ways you didn’t expect.

And sometimes, you just get to stand on top of a mountain and look at the flowers.



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