Not Your Nano day 10 – Fifteen Minutes of Fame


Some of you have read Stephen King’s On Writing, or have gone through Uncle Jim’s thread on AbsoluteWrite. Both writers talk about sitting down and either writing 2000 words and doing nothing else until they hit goal, or about sitting for 2 hours and not being allowed to do anything but write or stare blankly at the screen until those 2 hours are up.

Both techniques = amazing word count goals, and if you can be that prolific, I salute you. For me though, I homeschool during the day, run a house filled with pets, and even with the best intentions, I don’t often get a set unbroken two hours to just write without interruption. I probably could if I was willing to write at 10 pm, but gah, no thanks. My brain is dead by then.

What I can get is 15 minutes. There is *always* a way for me to shut everyone out for 15 minutes and knuckle down to some dedicated wordage. You’d be surprised at how many words you can get down in that amount of time. 15 minutes, like 100 words, is not overwhelming. (Or of it is, try for ten minutes instead.)


So, next time you settle down for your 100 words, set your phone’s timer (or go here) for fifteen minutes, open your Square Brackets of Absolution, and start typing until that buzzer goes.

If you have some friends on twitter or social media who are also slow (or fast) noveling, then set a time to take your 15 minute sprint together. (There’s something comforting about knowing others are suffering with you.) After you’ve tried it, you’ll know if it’s a technique that you can use again, or f it’s not right (write) for you. But even knowing it’s there in your toolbox can be helpful, especially when you’re feeling stuck.


Set your timers

Chant your Mantra

Open your SBA.


100 words, go.



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