Not The November Novel


More like the December Let’s Start A Novel And Talk About Process And Take It Easy But Still Make Progress. Or something equally snappy.

I love the idea of nano, I really do – thousands of people all eagerly word-warring and tapping out novels in a month – that is impressive. Nano, unfortunately, doesn’t work for me. Mainly because just the thought of a high word count goal makes me freeze up and start crying. My creativity is like a scared little penis; it can do amazing things when it’s in the mood, but put it under pressure to perform and it shrivels up to a sad peanut.

Woops. that metaphor got away from me. Sorry.

Okay, so here goes. While out walking the Hounds of Hell I was thinking about how and why nano doesn’t work for me (pressure, I don’t work like that, exams/school stress/end of year ughness) and decided I would start a new thing for myself in December, with very easy goals, daily ones that would get me writing a little bit every day, with some vague structure to keep me focused. And I decided to blog each day to keep myself motivated.

And then I thought, hey, maybe some people would like to join in the process, which would be cool. So if you would like to take part, feel free. I’ll be posting what is and isn’t working for me, my goal for the day, and whether or not I hit it. There will be *some* structure, but no actual outlining and so on, in the sense that most people mean (though I’m of the opinion it’s all outlining, just some outlines are longer and more detailed and more prone to rewrites than others. :P)

So, if you’re keen, join me on Dec 1st, with nothing more than your pretty brain, and the willingness to write 100 words. Yep. 100.

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8 Replies to “Not The November Novel”

  1. Yes! Dammit, exactly. Nano is such a great idea, fountain of work and words and stuff. I have great respect for those who do it, or even fry trying. But really, it’s not going to happen. Penis metaphors aside, I shrivel at the thought of all that pressure.

    I join. A hundred words a day is eighty more than I’m currently pumping into a novel, or anything more than a Facebook post at the moment.

    So thanks

  2. Alrighty, I’m in. I was determined to start my first novel when I was 40 (since that’s a nice round number to remember looking back when I’m old and have plenty of books out there), and that year ends Dec 9. So time to start now.

    Thank you for the idea, especially for another Nano-shriveler like me.

    1. heh, I can do 100 words, it’s more the routine of writing a little every day that I find hard. I want to get myself into that habit.

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