Not dead yet…


Wooh, has Cat been slacking or what?

Okay firstly, I’ve actually stopped writing for a bit so I can listen to an album on repeat. (Ja, I’m that sad)

This one:

I love it, that is all. I want to make it have my girlsperm babies.

In other news…um…I actually subbed a short. Haven’t done that in a while. Thought I’d given up on the short story field, tbh.

It was kinda fun. I think I need to shift focus from the novel form for a while, and hone some other skills. Shorts not being my strong point at all, it could only help.

So besides listening to the same songs over and over and driving my family mad, I’ve also been catching up on movies, manga, books and anime that I never seem to have the time to watch or read.

It’s been good. I almost don’t feel like ending my writing break, but we’ll see how I feel after New Year’s. (CCHQ, for those in the Primrose ghetto.)