New House!


I have been a stress-bunny of note for the last few weeks. For some reason we had to move house the weekend of Afrikaburns, so cue a demented two and half day trek into the Karoo, followed by a day and a half of packing, moving, and scrubbing.


I didn’t take many pics at AB (I hardly ever, and whenever I do, the pics have 1/10 the awesome of the experience and they frustrate me more than anything else.) Fwiw, it was wonderful, and even going with the spawn, while it led to a very different AB experience, was still cool.

I did like this one image though, with the rippling flags of a passing mutant vehicle silhouetted against the setting Karoo sun:

Now we’re in our new house, and the weather has gone grizzly, so I can’t even take you a decent pic of our awesome new view. You can have this one instead, where you get to see cloud-smothered mountains:


And on Monday it is back to the grindstone, and I Have Plans. Real Plans. And I’m excited about working on them. 😀


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    1. Thanks, It was one of those sunsets where you just kinda stand there and marvel at the world.

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