Nano and other writing stuff.


While I’m taking a break on Null & Void to do some more research, I’m going to be nano-ing.

I wasn’t originally, but now I’ve been convinced and I even have a story and the vaguest idea of a plot. I’m also kinda excited by it because it’s not something I’d ever even try writing otherwise.

I’d also never really bother plotting, but if I’m going to keep this baby going for a month under full steam, then a bit of direction is good. 😛

If you’re doing it and you want to be writing buds then I’m Muserkin over on the nano boards.

I’ve been reading a bunch of interesting articles – I quite liked this one about Annie Dillard. But I especially fell in love with this part:

One afternoon, at her direction, we brought in our pages, scissors and tape, and told to bring several drafts of an essay, one that we struggled with over many versions.

Now cut out only the best sentences, she said. And tape them on a blank page. And then when you have that, write in around them, she said. Fill in what’s missing and make it reach for the best of what you’ve written thus far.

I watched as the sentences that didn’t matter fell away.

In book-reading stuff. I read Hannah Moskowitz’s Break the other day, and I really recommend it. It’s fast, it’s brutal, and Hannah has a terrifying amount of talent. She’s writing YA at the moment, but I know she’s stretching into more adult literary work and I have a strong feeling that she’s going to be a name to watch.

I know her in an online capacity, and I’m reading snippets of her current WiP and I am bowled over. Seriously.

Break is I think a particulary good book to try and get boys reading. Esp the readers who are not keen on fantasy. It’s set very much in the real world, and it’s an interesting take on the thought processes behind self-harmers – this is not a book about tragic  emo girls cutting themselves and making sure eveyone notices. It’s far more fight club than preachy what is your teen doing? Also, it focuses on brothers, which is not that common in most current YA that I can think of.

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