My home gym


Also known as, my home.

After my visit down to cape town where I realised I was now officially the fattest person in the family, I decided to do something about it:  clean my house.  That and garden.


Dailyplate is giving me some crazy readings, none of which I actually trust – 870 calories burned doing housework and gardening? Uh…yeah. Whatever.  I am noticing a difference in my arms already though — obviously hauling around watering can after watering can to water my new veggie beds is paying off. (I don’t have a hose, and I’m considering not getting one.)

Null and Void went slowly today, I wrote about another 600 words, if even. Slacker Cat is a slacker.

I did like bits and pieces though, so at least I’m not going to delete the whole thing in a tantrum any time soon.

stats:  7126 / 90 00o



On we go, until the sky is greying, and the first sparrows wake to astonish the sky. Pigeons wheeze in the eaves of the buildings around us. The last of the stars are almost gone, and only the signal star still revolves, lamp-lit and singing so high that my ears ache.

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