Meeting goals, doing things, watching hawt vampires


I’m doing pretty well on my writing goals, and I did a little #januaryshort twitter exercise yesterday (don’t know how many people may have participated, but I know at least one person besides myself came up with some ideas for something to work on, which is nice to find out.)

The whole thing was inspired by my goal to write and sub one short a month. Now I tend to have this cumulonimbus-like fear of not being able to ever come up with a story idea EVER AGAIN and then I roll around in despair telling myself I am Made of Teh Suck, and drinking wine-glasses filled with tears. Which, bizarrely, is not *as* helpful as you might think. Crazy, I know.

So in order to stop my rollaround before it could begin, I made myself accountable to others. See, if I go and say Do This! It Will Totes Help with Your Creativity! and then don’t actually do it myself, I will be the worst kind of liar. So I set myself a little exercise. I stepped away from the computer for ten minutes, and wrote down ten opening lines to stories. They didn’t have to have plots, or involve deep complicated thoughts as to where they were going, they didn’t have to be good, or sound cool, or anything. I just had to write them.

And then I had to pick the one that sparked, and do something with it. It’s a throw-away line – I don’t have to keep it, it has done its work. What I need to do is write the story that spills from that one line.

Most of my lines were pretty shit (okay nine of them were pretty shit), but one clicked something, and I’m now 1200 words into a story. Which is a pretty great feeling when you’ve convinced yourself you’ll never write again, let me tell you. This technique has really helped me, and three of my last five stories have come from doing that little exercise.

In other news, I started watching Dracula yesterday, mainly because well JRM (shut up I am allowed to crush on that filthy filthy man), but hey, I am liking and so it will be my reward now for having met today’s writing goals. *fangs* (Also, Lucy is so familiar…is she…Morgana from Merlin? Because UNF YES)


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