May god have mercy on our dirty little hearts


When I make hoops, I follow the instructions at Jasonunbound.

But in case anyone’s ever interested, I’ll show you my sad process.

My current hoop is too small, so today I toddled off to the hardware store to go buy ten metres of irrigation tubing, a crap-load of duct-tape (which I’m pretty meh on, more on that later.) and couplings and stuff.

Just so that you know you’re in Africa, our local hardware store has a security cam mounted on the decapitated antelope head that hangs over the door. Oh yes, indeed.

So as you can see…that’s dusty.

The tubing is 20mm irrigation pipe, and all that stuff cost about R107.00

There’s enough there for three hoops.

Off I go to wipe the tubing clean, and end up with a grimy black cloth for my trouble.

Exciting stuff.

I cut my tubing with a kitchen knife and a prayer, and toss in a half-cup of water while the kettle boils.

The water thing is for weight, and it gives the hoops a nice loopy feel when you’re using them. Some people hate it, but I’ve tried without water and it just feels weird to me.

Once the kettle has boiled, I hold the ends of the tubing in to the hot water for a count of ten, slip the coupling in, and press the hoop closed. It’s sweet, the hot water makes this process take less than five minutes from cutting to sealing.

There’s the two semi-finished hoops for a size comparison. The red one is my old one, the stripey one is Noa’s.

The new hoops come up about 10cm above my navel. Also, they rock.

After this I moved on to the worst part: covering. This is the first time I’ve used duct tape instead of electrical tape.

It’s horrible stuff, stinks, is impossible to get to lie flat and I hate it.

However, it gives good grip and weight, so I guess the trauma was worth it.

I gave up after covering one, most likely I’ll do the other after lunch. But here’s what the completed one looks like in comparison. I covered it with blue duct-tape, then spiral-wrapped black and yellow electrical tape on top of that.

Pretty, right?

(This is the part where you nod.)

The end of my exciting photo-essay. 😛