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Something of a mixed bag, as you can see.

Firstly, this one is for the poets, specifically those writing literary spec poetry. Stone Telling is currently open to subs.

While we are open to all speculative poetry, we are especially interested in seeing work that is multi-cultural and boundary-crossing, work that deals with othering and Others, work that considers race, gender, sexuality, identity, and disability issues in nontrivial and evocative ways. We’d love to see multilingual poetry, though that can sometimes be tricky. Try me!

Editor Rose Lemberg is a pretty fantastic poet and writer herself, and she’s currently got a story up in Strange Horizons; Kifli. Go check it out.

In other really cool news, my wonderful friend Elissa Janine has sold her book: DETAILS ARE HERE. AND COOL. ELISSA I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!

So yeah, loads of awesome. Less awesome, but still progress, I’ve also realised that I HATE my current WiP. After much soul searching and agonising (read: looking at kitten blogs and spamming my writers groups with waaaaaangst) I realised why.  The characters need a complete overhaul, they’re too similar to other charas i’ve written, and they need a good hard



So yeah, I think I’ll go work on that, maybe do a few character exercises, until I can get a better grip on them and make this thing work for me.

And now, tea.

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