MallenIve Inspiration


With the new Hobverse book following Felicita to MallenIve, I thought I’d start documenting some of the inspo. Whenever I think of MallenIve, I am in the city centre of Joburg (where I used to go to college before I became an art-school drop-out) and the old buildings jumbled together there.


Packed, bustling, colourful, loud, alive. Tiny broken window panes, hand-painted signs, fast-food shops elbowing old tailors. Humanity seething around grand old architectural dames. Pavement vendors selling everything from chappies (a kind of chewing gum) to plastic plates filled with onions and tomatoes to knock-off junk and socks to haircuts. A mishmash of old and new.

So that’s MallenIve: bustling, angry-fast, bright and grimy in equal measure.

gladstone hotel

There are pics of the Old Gladstone Hotel and other Joburg sights in this great flickr set here


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