Look I actually did some work.


After a kinda writing hiatus thing, I made myself do something.

Got in the rambly, disconnected first part of a short story. It seems to be a riff on The Subtle Thief, which just goes to show how much I like to write within worlds.

And I tried to fix chapter eight of SRR, a book I am now convinced is too dull to see the light of day.

My mother’s voice is in my ears, soft and lullaby-soothing, and as I run my fingers under the opening words, I am swept back to a time when my hands were small, and my hopes were high and childish. Once upon a time, there lived a seal-girl, and she was the youngest daughter of the King of the Beren Sea…

In my internetish rambles, I found this neat little exercise to help you write a short pitch for your book. I thought it was kinda cool, especially for people like me who are so flighty and lost half the time, that a little order is a god-send.   How To Put It Together in One Neat Tweet.

Thanks to Darling Gracekitten, I’ve been watching QI. I am even more sad to be female now, as this means my love for Stephen Fry will have to go on unrequited.  *weeps into her coffee*

Now I’m waiting to see the results of Nathan Bransford’s Agent For A Day thingy.  For the record, I picked…um…6, 9, 10, 16, and 38

And that’s pretty much it, really.

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