Knuckling Down


I need for 2014 to be a more productive year writing-wise, and now that we’ve moved house and that stress is out of the way, I’ve decided to concentrate a bit more on all those books I’d abandoned because I’d lost my faith in my vision for them.

Partly it’s because I’ve realised that while some books just aren’t right for large (or even mid-sized) publishers, that doesn’t take away their worth. I mean, I *know* this, I can see it in the books I like, but for some reason it didn’t translate to my own work. If a large publisher couldn’t see any value in a book I wrote beyond “nice prose”, then it was essentially valueless.

Yes. I am well aware that I am an idiot.

So I am working again on those projects I abandoned for lack of commercial appeal. (Ha! Dear Cat, when did you ever successfully write a commercial novel – get your head on right.) So I am working on my epic multi-viewpoint saga about gods and magic and destroyed angels and using sacrifices to turn all humanity into gods and how that might be, like, a totally bad idea. It’s also way more romantic than it sounds, though *my* version of romantic, which is often fractured and twisted and maybe more than a little brittle, but no less true.

After that it’s back to the book about going mad and the power of gift economies and how to kill god.

And then there’s my little booklet about finding love with memories after the world has been destroyed and all that’s left of it is fragments of the human imagination, and the aliens which live off said imagination and pieces of human skin. I have plans for that much-maligned baby.

Also, some short stories! Because that’s what I do now – write one a month, just to make myself be productive on some level.

So, in order to get all this stuff done, I’ve taken to being all proper about working, like, even keeping time sheets of the work I’m doing. It’s weird, and feels slightly wrong, but also kinda cool to have a record that shows I am not just wallowing in my own filth while clutching a half-finished bottle of wine.

So that’s cool. 😀

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