Keeping Quiet When I Have Nothing To Say.


You know what?

I have nothing to blog about that isn’t a) either intensely dull stuff about the daily grind of writing, or b) intensely dull stuff about the private life of a more-or-less hermit in a seaside village. I don’t mind journaling on lj where most people either know me pretty well and have followed my ups and downs for the last 8 years or so (as I’ve done with them) or is someone I know and interact with on a personal level. On lj I’m totally okay with doing a silly meme or updating my wordcount or telling people omg it’s raining again and hey didn’t I have this exact revelation about writing about the same time last year?

In short, LJ is not a performance for me, whereas public blogging it is, and I feel dumb telling the world my wholly unoriginal thoughts on writing and life.

Blogging is supposed to be one of the tools of the Thoroughly Modern Writter, another attack on the minds of the populace who can now be wrangled and coerced into reading our books if we simply blog at them enough. I don’t know. I have nothing to say that’s going to convince someone they really want to read what I write, and certainly I don’t choose to read an author’s work because I like their blog.

With blogging I should at least be trying to say something Big and Important, and yeah, I mean we’ve gone over that. It’s not going to happen.

So basically, to sum up this mess, from now on I’ll be keeping my more general journaling stuff on LJ where it belongs, and use the Cat Hellisen blog only for important updates and notifications. It will be a relief to not feel like I’m failing at this aspect of writing and that my mundane existence is to blame.

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