It’s been suggested that instead of just working my way straight down the list, I cycle through the different apps so that I don’t do post after post of word-processors. Good point.

Today I move onto reference tools, the first of which is JaLingo.

From their site: JaLingo is a free OS independent dictionary application.

It’s cross-platform, so that means Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Unfortunately for me, Synaptic Package Manager couldn’t find it, so I actually had to go look at the installation instructions (I’m very lazy, you see, this kind of thing saddens me)

The Windows file is 12Mb, and for Mac and Linux you have to dl and install Java 1.5.0_05 or later (18.8Mb) and then JaLingo (0.4Mb). Since you probably already have Java…

For all OS you have to then download the dictionaries you want. This is starting to feel like a lot of effort, I have to admit.

Their installation instructions didn’t work for me. I had to in the terminal, as root, go into the directory and run sudo java -jar jalingo-setup-0.6.0.jar (I’m running Ubuntu, so ignore me if you’re not)

Then I went to look at the lists of dictionaries to download. The first linked to a commercial dictionary, the rest of the links were pretty much useless to me. To be honest, I’m not overly impressed so far.

Ubuntu comes standard with a dictionary, so for me to go to all this effort in order to download a dictionary to buy, or search through a million and one hard-to-follow descriptions just seems pointless.

I’m betting there are simpler and better dictionary apps than this, so I’m giving up on them and saying


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