It’s Sunday?


One very grumpy and sad little tot went to the doctor today.

Miss T has an ear infection, and she was so hot and niggly and  just not a happy little bunny.

Now she’s been dosed with medication, had a nap, and while I’d hardly call her cheerful, at least she’s singing every now and again and she doesn’t feel like a just-boiled kettle.

All I want to do is go to sleep.  It’ll be an early night for Cat for sure.

Oh, bunch of weird stuff – getting some excellent feedback on hob; very helpful indeed, but the thing that has been boggling is just how much people like it. A part of me – a part that I can never quite kill – is convinced they’re just trying to be nice, another more egotistical part is going “No, you wrote a decent story, go you.” Unfortunately there’s a third part that agrees with the second.

Why unfortunately?

Because it’s the part saying “Yeah, hob might be good, but you’ll never write anything as good again.”

I really just need to get a hammer and beat my brain up a little so it stops with all this contradictory advice and back-handed praise.

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