It’s so easy now I’m gone


Noa, Snot-Hitler and I went and picked gooseberries from the bottom of the garden. I stewed them up with sugar, made custard, and now we have four little desserts of layered gooseberry and custard chilling in the fridge.

Tonight, comes around for poi, hooping, dinner and vino. She better like my gooseberry dessert or I am going to beat her with a piece of irrigation tubing.

The Slave went and stuck an old hard drive that was lying around into my comp, so I suddenly have 29G extra s[pace for music. So there’s me ripping all my cds. Heh. Yay music. you make me very happy.

Speaking of which, I am quite happy to have discovered Balkan Beat Box.

Also, I am trying to work out my dance solo, and although it’s very daunting for someone with my musical and dancing abilities, I have come up with a couple of moves I want to incorporate, so that’s all kinds of cool. I just wish three minutes didn’t take such a long time.

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