It’s monday so this must be uptown jaimaca


One page and a bit out of the nine pages of minor revisions is down. I think I deserve a beer, but all I have is coffee.

Coffee is good.

I’m making notes that relate to the major revisions as I go, so now my manuscript is littered with vibrant pink highlighted areas. Very sexy.

The Slave has just linked me to this wonderful post about the joys of going to church.

And Neil Gaiman is making me feel better about the craptastic mess of my own first drafts.

Here’s something I should have used while writing hob – a vampire generator. *sticks tongue firmly in cheek*

” This spiritual vampire has narrow yellow eyes that are like two shining suns. His silky, wavy, orange hair is worn in a style that reminds you of a rooster’s crest. He is short and has a lean build. His skin is cream-colored. He can read the minds of people. He can raise an army of zombies. He can be killed by destroying his internal organs. His diet requires blood of any kind. He feeds not through his mouth, but via mouths in his palms. His outfits are those of a doctor.”

Hmmm. Moving on, then.

This weekend The Slave and I finally watched Season 3 of Lost.  Ha, yes, we are a wee bit behind the rest of the world. Anyway, so now I know who dies. Season 4 has already started in the US,right? Gah. Now I’ll have to wait months before it comes out on dvd.

Monday’s posts are always rather random, aren’t they?

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