It’s a morningjack!


Okay, for those who don’t understand the whole -jack thing.

One day the Elder Sprog came up to me and told me a long and complicated story about nightjacks and morningjacks.  See, they’re faires that come out at certain times (day and night, apparently. No, I never) and also in certain weather conditions (some morningjacks only come out when it rains, and they use their ears as umbrellas.)

So naturally, I stole them from her, and stuck them in my fic to be put in concentration camps and used for experiments. (What? I’m a great parent….).

The other day I sat down with oil pastels and drew a nightjack (it’s in a comment thread somewhere on my lj, but because it’s big and I have no camera the shot is blurry). Today I scribbled around on a morningjack.

While it’s far from pro, and I haven’t done art in ages, i kinda like it.

So here it is.

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6 Replies to “It’s a morningjack!”

  1. well, I love it.


    What medium did you use?


  2. Thanks.:D Uh, watercolour and ink. I have no idea how to work with watercolours, but i gave all my oil-paints away in a fit of misguided charity and a belief that I suck as an artist and so shouldn’t waste my time.

    hmmm…guess I know what to get myself for christmas?

  3. WOW. That’s hauting and gorgeous and creepy and intriguing all at the same time!

  4. Very nice Cat. I like the way the attention is brought around to the overlarge eyes. It has a nice sweeping feel to the whole of it.

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