Into the valley of death rode the brave hundreds


Didn’t make it to dance this weekend, because a wee sprog was sick and I couldn’t put her down for a second. She seems much happier now, thank goodness. I have a suspicion that she’s cutting her molars which is just horrible all round.

Today is a day of fabulous excitement, because I am cleaning the house post-weekend. This was sarcasm. No, really.

In cool news. the Slave is working from home today, as he will be every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. So, pretty neat, huh? Means we see more of each other, and our petrol bill drops.

is asking us about our writing strengths. In other words, no moaning.

So, enough of this time-wasting! I have floors to sweep! Laundry to pack! Dishes to wash! Etcetera!

Oh, and for those who like this sort of thing, hob an lam is at 54 434.

Also, I’ve decided to work on nothing this year but hob an lam. Normally I bounce out a book in 3 – 5 months, and then get distracted by another idea. I’m obsessed with the concept that if I’m not churning them out, then I’m not growing, or working hard enough. But now I’ve decided to narrow my focus, to work on one book until it’s the best thing I’ve ever done in my life.

Lord knows if I’ll actually stick to that but I shall try.