In which I rant


Well, rewrote the lost words, and they turned out better than the previous attempt, and gave me a whole new plot twist. So for once I’m actually glad about losing some writing. And I managed this despite the wonders of “load-shedding” – that charming euphemism for complete and utter incompetence on the part of Eskom and our stupid as shit government.

Because hey – we can barely keep the country lit, tourists are getting trapped on top of mountains because Eskom shuts down power willy nilly, we’re building an underground rail system when the rail system we already have barely runs, and somehow, somehow, through all this, Renault F1 and Gauteng have announced a partnership in promoting Gauteng as the home of competitive sport. This amuses me.

I mean, we’re already going to be the laughing stock of 2010 when thousands of footie fans rock up to discover the stadiums half-finished, and rolling blackouts and lack of public transport or any kind of decent frikken infrastructure. Then of course, they’re going to get mugged, or hijacked in their Avis rental. Welcome to Africa.

On the plus side, they’ll get more beer for their converted pound.

Enough of the negativity. I think a small part of me may still love my country. I need to hack it out and bury it.

So, on to good news then. Looks like will be working from home a few days a week, and on top of that, his company will be paying for our adsl. So that’s pretty damn cool. There’s more, but I dunno if I should post about it until things are certain.

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