Reward time!

I went to go buy my mascara reward, and then I got distracted by bookshop shiny. I mean, I could either buy my expensive mascara, or a book and a less expensive mascara.

Well, since the book in question was this:

There was basically no competition.

There are handful of books which both kill me and inspire me:  Tender is the Night, Dogsbody, and Imajica.

If I could ever have a tenth – nay, a fingernail clipping’s worth – of the talent Clive Barker has, then I’d basically be supercat.

Anyway, I bought my book (and my mascara) and went to sit down alone at a coffee shop to read. I probably haven’t read Imajica in about a decade, and from the very first page I sat there going FUCK FUCK FUCK in equal parts jealousy and inspiration.

So nothing’s changed there. There’s a line on every page that makes me want to kill myself and/or start writing again. Seriously, Clive Barker is one of the few famous-type peeps I’d meet and be totally brain-dead and just say uuuhhhhh at.

The bookshop I went to was Bargain Books at Bayside mall in Blouberg, and I’m just giving them a shout-out because the staff were really helpful and nice, and the prices were reasonable. I’d definitely shop there again.


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  1. I have met Clive Barker, when he was guest of honour at Fantasycon 2006. Nice guy. He signed a friend’s copy of one of his books with an illustration he did on the spot!

    His birthday is the day after mine – so we’re both Librans, and (as he’s 12 years older than me) both Dragons as well.

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